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Why oh why I do what I do!

posted May 10, 2012, 12:51 PM by Amanda Walsh
I've heard several times recently comments like "kuddos to you for doing this, I couldn't handle the stress," or "more power too you," "you are so creative, I just don't have the patience."  So I started thinking, why do I continue to make and decorate cakes?  The answer is simple, so that I can continue to live my dream.  

I started Punkadoodle Sweets about a year ago (April/May of 2011) out of necessity.  My husband was out of work, we had a 1 year old baby and there was NO money coming in!!  We didn't know where our next meal was going to come from.  We started selling off anything we owned that had any kind of value.  I started thinking what can I do to bring in some money?  I've tried direct sales (Partylite, Creative Memories)... I am not a sales person!!  I figured that out real quick!  I could go back to work, making $10 an hour as a receptionist (I was a counselor at a treatment facility for $8 an hour 10 years prior).  That would leave my husband at home trying to go on interviews, mailing out resumes, etc all while trying to watch our daughter which was going to be tough.  Let's face it, I could only hope to make $10 an hour where as he would minimum make $50 an hour.  I needed to do what ever I could to help him get a job, but we needed some cash!!  Short of prostituting myself or selling drugs (and yes, when you are that desperate, those things do enter your mind), cake decorating seemed like the best option at the time.  

I had taken a few cake decorating classes a couple years prior and had made a few cakes for fun that turned out really well, so I thought why not.  About this same time a friend of mine asked me if I would make her daughter's 1st birthday cake, she wanted her party to be something special but needed to save money too.  After seeing the cake I made for my daughter's 1st birthday party, she wanted to know how much I would charge.  I quoted her a fair price for a cake, cupcakes, and chocolate pops.... and Punkadoodle Sweets Bakery was born!

So, back to my dream... No cake baking is not my dream, but it does allow me to live my dream and still feel like I can contribute financially to this family.  My dream job, happened 2 years and 3 months ago when my daughter was born.  I decided a long time ago that I wanted to be a mom, a full time mom.  I want to be a stay at home mom, I don't want daycare to raise my kids.  For those of you reading this who chose a different path, that's fantastic for you!  But for me, I feel like I would miss out on so much if I wasn't at home with my daughter.  Everyday she does something new, she says something cute and she experiences a new aspect of life.  I want to be there to experience it with her, the good and the bad.  My friends secretively wonder what I'm going to do when Rowan goes to school... I will be here waiting for her when she gets home with open arms and ears so that she can tell me about her day.  I want to be the room mom when she's in elementary school and go on all the field trips.  When she gets older and gets involved in sports or music, I will be the mom that travels with the group, I will be the "band mom" or "soccer mom" (I may even drive a mini van one day).  I will also take a huge interest in my child's school and education... either the school that Rowan attends is going to love me or hate me, because I will be one of THOSE moms.  I want to be the cool mom, but still keep my child in check.  THAT is my dream.