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My First Big Disaster!!

posted May 12, 2011, 8:10 PM by Amanda Walsh   [ updated May 13, 2011, 6:09 AM ]
I spent all day in my kitchen today baking and making icing and fillings for what was going to be this extremely cute Tinkerbell cake.  Fortunately, this cake was for a good friend of mine and part gift.  It was supposed to be a 3 tiered cascading woodland scene with a waterfall flowing down through each tier and featuring a Tinkerbell figurine along with several of her fairy friends.  I'm attaching a picture of what it is supposed to look like.  The bottom of the cake was a yellow cake with a strawberry cream cheese filling.  The strawberry filling was the first thing to go wrong.  I followed the recipe but somehow must have added too many strawberries... the filling was delicious but a bit runny.  I added more cream cheese and more powdered sugar just to stiffen it up to a manageable consistency.

One problem averted.  The top 2 tiers were to be chocolate with a cream cheese filling.  My chocolate cake recipe is so yummy but it isn't easy to work with, unless it's just a single layer cake.  I'm going to have to tweek my recipe.  I got the chocolate tiers carved and ready to stack by putting them in the freezer.  By freezing them it stiffens the cake which makes it easier to move from the tray onto the cake.  It was a little tense getting the chocolate layers onto the bottom of the cake but it was on there.  I walk away to grab some icing to finish the base coat, and upon returning to the cake... it starts falling apart and crumbling away.  OH NO!!!

I do what I can, I have some extra cake so with the help of my husband (Dan... you will I'm sure hear more about him in future posts), I start shoving bits of cake up under the layers of chocolate to build it up in hopes to salvage the cake.  That didn't work, it may have made it worse!  As I sit there trying to figure out what to do with the cake, it continues to crumble and fall apart in front of me! .   There is no way of saving the cake and even if I did... it wouldn't make the 2 hour trip to where my friend lives.  

What I learned: 
1. ALWAYS level your cake!!! 
2. Make sure the cake you are working with isn't too spongy..