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I'm just not that into it!

posted Jan 22, 2013, 11:39 AM by Amanda Walsh
Have you ever been working on a project, whether at work or at home, that you started off excited about and then halfway through you lost that excitement?  That happened to me while working on a cake recently.  It didn't help that it was the little things that went wrong along the way.  I mean I didn't have a huge cake disaster or anything like that, but things just didn't turn out the way it was supposed to.  The only thing that I didn't have an issue with was the actual cake... it baked up great and tasted delicious!  I made up the frosting, which was great too (cream cheese always is!), however I made just enough.  I've never cut it that close before, I usually have plenty left over in the end just in case I need more for whatever reason.  The cake was a 2 tiered cake with a winter theme.  I found this amazing cake with these dainty snowflakes made with Royal Icing, it was absolutely beautiful!  I kept looking for an excuse to make this cake, and then one came up.  A customer wanted a cake for her daughter's 1st birthday... the theme was Winter Onederland.  Perfect!!  When I saw the picture of the original cake, first I thought, that's way too many snowflakes.  Then I thought "I bet it would look awesome with a dark blue icing and the white snowflakes."  It would make those snowflakes really pop!  So I made up my royal icing and started piping snowflakes.  My icing never hardened and the snowflakes were too fragile to put on the cake, as soon as I touched them they broke.  Ok, plan B.  I have a set of snowflake cookie cutters, ok so I can make up some fondant and cut out snowflakes.  It's not going to be as lacy and beautiful as the original but it'll still be alright.  Good, I got that all figured out, now let me go color my icing.  The customer wanted a pale blue rather then a dark blue.  I pulled out my blue color wanting to add a drop or 2 of color, instead a bunch of color came out.  I mixed it up and it was a medium blue... well no turning back now.  It was time to add the borders, which I was going to do in white icing.  I wanted to use my flower tip, which makes a 5 pointed rounded star shaped flower that could sort of look like a snowflake.  I did the border around the bottom and it turned out fine, but the day was heating up and my hands were warm, which made my icing melt.  I tried putting the icing in the fridge but it would harden up too much and I couldn't get a good shaped flower out of it.  I started the border around the bottom of the top tier and it turned into a gloppy mess!  I had to remove the border and start over... it was a no go.  Then I switched to a small circle tip, and decided to do a pearl border instead.  Maybe it would look like snowballs??  Got the borders all on, now it was time for the snowflakes to go on.  I wanted them just on the bottom tier every so often.  I started to put them on and got about halfway around the cake when my 1st few snowflakes started falling off.  GREAT!!  Now what??  Well I still had some royal icing left, maybe I could use it like glue.  Got them all on, and it looked like everything was holding... whew!  I used one of the cookie cutters as a template to pipe a snowflake on the top of the cake (the small tier was to become a smash cake) and then free handed the writing.  Happy went on great, Birthday turned out pretty good, but Lilah went on all crooked.  I removed the writing and tried piping it again.  Much better!  All done, got the cake in the box and put it in the fridge until the party the later that day.  I went out to check on it the next morning and thank goodness everything was still holding!!  So glad that was over!

Did I mention that I'm 8 1/2 months pregnant and though I got most of it done the night before the party, I woke up at 5am just sick about how the cake was going to turn out.  I got up then and finished the cake about 7am, went back to bed and the customer picked it up at 11am.  All that said, it turned out great and the customer was very happy with the finished product as was I.  It was just one of those cakes that gave me fits throughout the process of making it, even though I was so excited about it to begin with.


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